SHINE Internships

SHINE offers internships for students currently enrolled in educational studies. Positions are awarded based on the academic requirements of the student and the available positions within SHINE.  Students may receive educational credit and/or a salary for their work.

Internships are coordinated through SHINE and LCCC.

Some students work at the SHINE administrative office, developing an understanding of the "behind-the-scenes" processes necessary to program continuation. These may include updating and maintaining academic data, preparing materials for student enrollment and coordination of staff meetings.

Other students work directly within SHINE Centers as teaching aides. Here, they can learn skills and techniques necessary in today's classrooms and better understand the day-to-day workings of an academic environment.

To learn more about educational internships at SHINE Email Us.

SHINE interns learn first-hand what it takes to create a unique afterschool program

"Working with the SHINE program has allowed me to see how children in the classroom may have struggles we aren't fully aware of. ... This experience will allow me to help my students on a greater and deeper level."

- SHINE Intern