How SHINE Works

The curriculum includes:

  • Tutoring and homework support
  • Basic skills instruction in reading and mathematics
  • Academic enrichment
  • Social/Emotional Development
  • Recreational and cultural activities

SHINE programs are designed to incorporate STEM-based learning.

Transportation to and from SHINE Centers, when necessary, is provided via busing.

Food services are provided for children in accordance with federal nutrition requirements.

A 7:1 child to adult ratio is maintained in the elementary SHINE program. A 12:1 child to adult ratio is maintained in the middle school program.

The SHINE Afterschool Program operates during the school year for 2 ½ to 3 hours per day, four days a week (Mon – Thur) after school.

The elementary program registers students who are referred by their daytime teacher. Students do not need a referral to enter the middle school program.

"The SHINE program is an asset to my child's overall school experience. She learns so much outside her classroom which reinforces what she learns daily. It has provided her the opportunity to learn with other students and other teachers. The entire staff and faculty always has her needs and interests in mind. They keep me informed always of her activities, accomplishments, and any problems. It has been an overall very positive experience."

- Shenandoah Valley Elementary
Parent of 1st Grader

SHINE students pose for a publicity shot while making "Model Magic" creations.

SHINE students whip up baked goods for their households during
Family Engagement Night.