Children will focus on skills such as:

  • Letter & number recognition
  • Sound association
  • Matching quantities to numbers
  • Sight words
  • Reading, writing and mathematics
  • Hands-on activities, games and puzzles
  • Homework tutoring
  • Social and emotional development

A Strong Foundation

The SHINE Kindergarten program helps to alleviate stress by providing confidence to children in their skills and abilitites.

SHINE Kindergarten Home Visitors develop personalized lesson plans, tailored to support each student's learning needs.

Children can enter the SHINE Kindergarten Program as early as 6 months prior to entering kindergarten.

Kindergarten Home Visitor Program

The SHINE Kindergarten Program is for children who need a jump start in reading and math readiness skills.

Entry into the SHINE Program is determined by the parent, kindergarten teachers and the school district. The kindergarten program consists of a weekly visit to the student's home by a SHINE teacher.

Through these home visits, parents/guardians are involved in their child's activities, informed of their child's progress and provided creative strategies to work with their children. 

A SHINE Kindergarten student works on a project with the help of his mother and SHINE Home Visitor.

"Our SHINE Home Visitor is wonderful! She is prepared and individualizes instruction. She is encouraging and personable and she takes the time to instruct me as a Mom too. We love her!"

-  Parent of a SHINE
Kindergarten Student