Every year, SHINE proudly participates in the Lights On! Afterschool event, hosted by the Afterschool Alliance. The event, held in October, celebrates afterschool programs and their important role in the lives of children, families and communities. 

The Afterschool Alliance organizes Lights On Afterschool to draw attention to the many ways afterschool programs support students by offering them opportunities to learn new things - such as science, technology, community service, teambuilding - and discover new skills. The events send a powerful message that millions more kids need quality afterschool programs.

Each SHINE Center comes up with their own skit which showcases their unique interests and skills. Performances have included "green screen" film productions, student designer fashion shows and musical performances. And, of course, all SHINE students come together for a grand entrance song and dance number!

Lights On! Afterschool

Students from the Tamaqua Center wrote and performed an original song about all of the fun things they learn and do at SHINE.

Students at the LB Morris Center built their own battery-powered circuits to light up their performance. At the end of their routine, all the students came together to show the audience how well they SHINE!

The paparazzi was out at the 2019 Lights On! event. Performers and audience members were welcome to take their own "Red Carpet" photo, courtesy of Box of Light Productions.