Homework Assistance
SHINE is committed to improving students' academic performance. Year after year, SHINE students have shown significant improvements in grades.

To help students succeed, SHINE teachers work with students to complete homework assignments and provide tutoring lessons as appropriate.

While homework tutoring is an important piece of the program, SHINE is not a homework completion program. Parents should still check their child's homework daily.

STEAM Activities
SHINE programs are developed around a STEAM - Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics - curriculum. Activities are "hands-on" and are designed to bridge multiple disciplines. .

SHINE teachers develop STEAM activities to work in coordination with students' day school activities. Lesson plans are designed to be appropriate with the age, experience and capabilities of the students.

Health and Nutrition
Meals are available to all students. The menu is prepared according to nutritional guidelines for school programs in the state, as outlined by the US Dept. of Agriculture (USDA). In accordance with the USDA, SHINE implements a Nondiscrimination Policy, that can be reviewed here. There is no cost for meals.

Social and Emotional Development
SHINE encourages students to become well-rounded individuals. Many of our programs help students develop self-esteem and the social skills needed to productively engage with their peers and the community around them.

You can learn more about these programs here.

A New Adventure Every Day

Students take part in different programs throughout the day and throughout the school year.
A day at a SHINE Center could include the following:

Homework Assistance * STEAM Activities * Health & Nutrition * Social/Emotional Development

A Well Built Project
During the 2018 - 2019 School Year, all SHINE Centers built wooden wishing wells and donated them to community organizations. Each center came up with a unique gift for a local cause.

You can read about the Palmerton SHINE Center's project HERE and the Tamaqua Area Center's project HERE.