SHINE Works!

SHINE teachers see the results of the program every day - students improve their grades, gain new experiences and build their confidence. 

But the SHINE afterschool program also has impressive numbers to back up the claim that SHINE works. More than 20 sources of data are used to measure the effectiveness of the SHINE afterschool program.  For a more comprehensive look at SHINE's success, download our Trend Data Report.

Some of the highlighted outcomes include:

  • 90% of students improved reading fluency and 81% improved in reading comprehension
  • 80% of students achieved a grade of "B" or better in science
  • 77% of studens achieved a grade of "B" or better in reading
  • 76% of students achieved a grade of "B" or better in math
  • During the last decade, 98% of SHINE students were promoted to the next grade level

SHINE Students Feel Better about School

  • Nearly 85% of students said that they like math
  • 75% of students feel that "Math is one of my strengths"
  • More than 75% of students reported "I get excited about science"
  • Almost 30% more students knew what an engineer was by the end of the school year

Academic Teachers see the Difference SHINE Makes

  • 100% of administrators surveyed in all participating districts strongly indicated SHINE is “having a significant positive impact on students”, and is having a positive impact on student achievement”.
  • More than 75% of students improved on homework completion during the 2017-2018 school year
  • Of the children who were identified as "Needing Improvement" in academic performance, nearly 80% of students did so
  • About 75% of students improved or maintained acceptable classroom behavior
  • More than 70% of students had improved school attendance

See For Yourself

Students love SHINE because it engages them in hands-on activities. Classroom lessons are more exciting when students can apply what they learn to actual projects. Here are some of the projects SHINE students have worked on recently: