Scooping Up Success

A Delicious Approach to Learning
Panther Valley SHINE students were treated to a special lesson this summer when they were tasked with creating a brand new ice cream flavor. 

With guidance from Doc Scoopendorf, professor of icecreamology, students started the project by conducting research with their peers and analyzing that information to see what flavors people were hungry for.

The students used the Scientific Method to figure out how to create the flavors and then set to work creating them. After taste-testing the first batches, students evaluated the submissions and made recommended improvements.

Once they'd developed a final product, the students developed advertising campaigns to help win over the "judges."

While the students may have been focused on their delicious desserts, SHINE teachers knew the project had lessons in chemistry, engineering, advertising and business.

And, if you happen to pick up a carton of Flavor Explosion or Vanilla Cake Batter in your local grocery store, you have SHINE to thank!

Panther Valley SHINE students start brainstorming options for new ice cream flavors.

It's time to let their world know why their ice cream is the best.

Looks like this taste test is a success!

Wearing their aprons, students get ready to mix up their creations.

Good to the last drop!