The SHINE afterschool program is intended to unify schools and homes to achieve a holistic social and academic foundation for students' development. All SHINE staff are fully committed to making sure that home life is healthy and supportive for all students.
Parents and other family members are encouraged and expected to participate. 

At the beginning of the school year, parents are invited to a Meet and Greet event, to get to know the SHINE staff and familiarize themselves with the program. Parents can also contact their SHINE teachers throughout the year. Teachers will supply family members with contact information for SHINE-related business.

SHINE Family Involvement

Monthly SHINE Family Engagement Nights are held, allowing parents to see firsthand the activities and programs the students are working on. Dinner is served for the family and, often, fun prizes and giveaways are distributed.

During the 2018-2019 almost 2,000 family members participated in SHINE activities.

The Stars of Tomorrow  - SHINEing Today!
SHINE families were recently invited to showcase their talents in a Lip Dub video.  The videos, produced by a local digital arts company, let students be movie stars both on camera and behind the scenes.

Click HERE to watch the videos