1st – 5th Grade Program

Students will need to be referred by classroom teachers or the guidance counselors.
There is no cost for the SHINE program. There are NO income guidelines.

The SHINE 1st-5th grade program is for children who need a jump start in reading, math and science skills. Students are provided tutoring and homework help, hands –on academic activities, enrichment, recreational and cultural activities that extend (and are coordinated with) regular classroom instruction. Students are exposed to developmentally appropriate STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) activities that promote the skills needed in the workforce.

SHINE teachers take a “whatever it takes attitude,” in helping students achieve their potential. An Instructional Plan is created for each child so teachers can focus on student strengths and target needed academic skills.

Examples 1st -5th grade Activities: Building Rube Goldberg Machines, Solar Cars & Solar houses, and Mini-hover crafts, Create a Business Plan, Digital Learning, Hydroponics, Cookie Forensics Mystery, Hula Hoops for Measuring, Mapping African Drums to SHINE Centers, All activities are connected to reading, math and science skills that students need to be proficient. Activities for 2013-2014 included: Building a dollhouse kit with the guidance of a local builder/carpenter from the community, designing furniture for the dollhouse with TinkerCad – a computer aided drafting software, “printing” out the student-designed furniture using the MakerBot – a 3D additive printer.



3D Print Project

3D Print Project




•Mon-Thurs, 3 hrs each evening (3:15-6:15)- Depends on the school district dismissal time.

•30 min. Homework

•30 min. Dinner

•2 hrs Hands – on Project instruction/mentoring/physical fitness & arts

•Hot meal & transportation

•Monthly Family Dinners

•Summer Home visits by SHINE teachers to insure students retain the skills learned during the school year.


Student Display of 3D Printing, The Capital Rotunda, Harrisburg, PA

Student Display of 3D Printing, The Capital Rotunda, Harrisburg, PA



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