Supporting Data and Research


SHINE Trend Data and Evaluation Reports

2008-2014 Trend Data – Return on Investment


SHINE State Report 2014-15


SHINE Cohort 5 External Evaluation  2012-13 (Elementary SHINE Afterschool & Kindergarten Home Visiting)

SHINE External Evaluation 2011-12


SHINE Cohort 6 External Evaluation  2012-13 (Middle School Career Academy Afterschool & Kindergarten Home Visiting Program)




STEM Ecosystem WORKING PAPER: How Cross-Sector Collaborations are Advancing STEM Learning, February 2014 Written by Kathleen Traphagen and Saskia Traill for the Noyce Foundation, and focuses on STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) learning ecosystems and how partnerships between schools, policymakers, families and other agencies build a winning strategy for enriching children in the classroom.


Afterschool Alliance Issue Brief: Computing and Engineering in Afterschool, December 2013


Taking a Deeper Dive into Afterschool: Positive Outcomes and Promising Practices, February 2014 Published by the Afterschool Alliance in Washington, D.C., and looks at evidence that “confirms quality afterschool programs help children become more engaged in school, reduce the likelihood of taking part in at-risk behaviors or acting out in school, and help raise their academic performance.”


Preliminary analysis reveals that high-quality afterschool programs have a significant impact on student engagement and pursuit of STEM fields. SHINE is one of 9 programs highlighted on the National After-School Alliance website for STEM evaluation results and at a Congressional Briefing on September 16, 2012.


SHINE is included in a New Report: Afterschool Programs Make the Grade in Advancing STEM Learning.  After School Alliance