Champions: Senators John Yudichak and David Argall

Senators Yudichak and Argall have been strong bipartisan champions for the SHINE Afterschool Program. Through their hard work and support, the SHINE program has been able to thrive and grow !
Watch as Senator Yudichak speaks on the steps of the Capitol at Harrisburg . . .





Testimonial: Cheryl O’Rourke

I became involved with the SHINE afterschool program when my son was struggling with school and SHINE was a Godsend. As a result of the program, my son began to try harder in class, do better in school and feel better about himself. He no longer struggles as much with homework and his grades are better. He is also much more independent when it comes to doing his school work and complains less. I was so impressed with SHINE that I volunteered at homework time and got to know the children. It was great. One day, the director of the program, Jeanne Miller, spoke to the program parents about pursuing higher education. She said she wanted us show our kids that we could get college degrees, feel better about ourselves and pursue our dreams. I took her message to heart and began attending Lehigh Carbon Community College for Early Childhood Education/ Early Intervention. I’m still enrolled and currently have a 3.33 GPA. Through my community college, I got an internship with the SHINE program in the Penn Kidder School. I have found the job that I have always been meant to have and will soon begin my second year working with the children there. I am about halfway to my dream of earning an associate degree and a better life for my family. With out the encouragement of Jeanne Miller and the SHINE program I would not be here.

 UPDATE: September 2014

Hi Jeanne, I hope this finds you well.   I know you have seen Ryan a few times in the past weeks and told him to send your hellos. I have wanted to write or call over the past few years and touch base with you on how we are doing. As you saw Ryan is attending CCTI for Auto Service Tech and loving it.

He is in his Sophomore year and doing well. I went back to school and received my BA degree in Early Childhood Development and am working as a Director in a Childcare setting.I have been in my current position for 1 year and with the company for just shy of 4 years. I guess you may be wondering why I am sharing all of this.  I guess it is because I would not be slacking off  the job right now and typing this to you, if it were not for you.  Thank you for encouraging me to go back to college.  If I had not come in and taken the career testing with the SHINE parents, I do not think I would have gone back.  Had you not caught me at the registration desk and offered me the intern job, I would not have gained the experiences I did with in the SHINE program. And finally if you had not taken the time to invest in my son, myself and my Family, I do not think I would have held out for the BA degree.

Ryan, Dennis and I did this together as a family, but your calculated input and support helped us get there. Through the SHINE program I watched my son, myself and my family grow into more focused part of the community.

Ryan is finally in a place to play sports and study. He is excelling at both.  He is the social butterfly he always was but still makes the good choices when it comes to friends.  He stays away from those who cause trouble and places himself as a leader both in the classroom and on the field.  I attribute it to good parents LOL… and a great start to help build his self-esteem in the 4 years he attended the SHINE program. Thank you.

I again hope this finds you well. May the program you founded continue to grow and help families. God Bless.

Cheryl O’Rourke

Director: LVCC Monocacy Manor


Testimonials: Parents Comment on SHINE

    * I like that each project the kids do is different and challenges them in new ways. Thank you for all you do! The projects and possibilities the kids are exposed to are about and beyond our expectations.


    * All the projects are a wonderful learning experience. They are hands on, fun, and it keeps the students interested. The teachers are friendly and helpful. The shine program gives the children the opportunity to do new and exciting things. Thank you for all you do! I am so happy and proud that my daughter had such a great year and got to be a part of creating the DUI trailer and race car. It’s wonderful that they get to experience all these neat and fun activities.


  • * Shine has helped with my son’s social skills and coping with getting angry. It showed him there is more than his computer to enjoy. Thank you!

  • * A great program for the young minds! The staff is great.

  • * Shine helped my son excel in all areas in his school work. Thank you all for his improvement.

  • * I liked the overall involvement and meeting and making new friends. Great after school program! Sister will be attending CCTI 2014-2015 school year. Good summer program!

* So thankful the boys and girls have an opportunity after school to continue to be nourished and guided in an academic, social and safe environment. All of the children that attend this program will have a better chance and stronger roots in a promising and bright future. Thank you all for your time, effort, and patience!

* My children and family love the shine program. Everything is great, the teachers, the activities, and the unity created between everyone. All this helps my children do better in school which will help them succeed in life. It is a wonderful program


* I am very pleased with Shine. Our teacher has been very respectful and helpful in many areas from social skills to academic skills she has been very positive and patient. My son looks forward to seeing her.


* Shine is a great program, my children love it! So, sad that this is my eldest son’s last year and he will no longer be able to attend. He has already asked if he can volunteer next year since he will not be in the program. He enjoys everything about the program and even wants to continue so he may help other kids. Keep up the great work!!.


* I am very pleased with my daughter’s improvement. She uses what is taught by her teacher in school and at home now. Her self-confidence has also improved.




Testimonial: Taryn Rehrig

I believe that the SHINE Program has been a great success for each and every student that has been or is currently enrolled. The students seem to be more confident, self-motivated, and have become more independent. In February 2010, I received a letter in the mail from Lehigh Carbon Community College about the SHINE Program asking if I was interested in becoming an intern.  I was so excited and nervous all at once because it was finally my chance to do something I have always wanted to do and make a difference in these children’s lives for the better.  It all started when I set up an interview with the director of the program, Jeanne Miller, and little did I know that I was going to get hired on the spot. The SHINE Program was such a great opportunity for me to get experience as an Elementary Educator and help me handle situations in the classroom.
After my first three days in the after school program I was sure that Elementary Education was surely going to be my career in the future.  This five week program has increased my knowledge on various strategies used in the classroom, helped me understand that empathy is a very important trait to have as a teacher, has shown me that there is a great importance of engaging all families in the educational process, and has boosted my confidence in building positive relationships with families. More importantly, the SHINE Career Club/Camp was a great opportunity for the students who were involved.  I was amazed by how much information the children retained and learned in a five week period.
Every one of my students have put a 100% effort in each day and were excited to learn about all four of our career topics like Advanced Manufacturing, Business and Finance, Health Care, and Logistics and Transportation. The students loved going on field trips and enjoyed taking new adventures to learn about several occupations or career fields that they were interested in.  I believe that students need these experiences to broaden their horizons and see what the world has to offer.  It was a pleasure to work with the SHINE staff and the students.
I appreciate the opportunity I have experienced in the past ten weeks mentoring the students who made an everlasting impact, not only on my education, but most importantly, life.


Taryn Rehrig
Intern for Lehighton Area & Summer Career Camp