Building a Strong Foundation
in Palmerton

SHINE students are used to building things because most SHINE activities are designed to be hands-on. But SHINE students also learn about building a sense of community.

The Palmerton Library is asking patrons to place donations for a local family into the SHINE Wishing Well.

Each year, all SHINE centers incorporate a service learning project into the educational calendar.  In 2019, SHINE students worked together to build Community Wishing Wells. The students were able to incorporate their lessons in STEM-based skills (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) into the assembly of the wells. Then each Center decided which community organizations should receive the donation.

The Palmerton SHINE Center chose the Palmerton Library as the recipient for the well. Staff at the library were thrilled to learn of the gift. They planned to make it a place for patrons to submit their wishes for what they'd like to see in the community.

"It's really important to make sure that this space reflects the good works of our community," said Rachel DeMicco, Library Programs Administrator. "The wishing 

well really represents that."

Just a few months later, the SHINE Wishing Well also came to symbolize hope for a local family. After a fire at their home, the family turned to the community for support in rebuilding their life. The Palmerton Library asked patrons to put donations – and their good thoughts – for the family into the Well.

That's how to build community!

Every Center SHINEs!
Every SHINE Center takes part in the service learning project. The Tamaqua Center built two Wishing Wells last year and donated them to local fire companies. They filled the Wishing Wells with new stuffed animals to give to children on scene who might be frightened or need comfort. You can read more HERE.

SHINE Students Gather Around One of the Wishing Wells They Built