The SHINE Afterschool model

SHINE is more than just an afterschool program. It is a holistic approach to education that supports a student’s success both in and out of the classroom through the connection of schools, homes and communities. The program is designed to be a seamless network of educational and social services that help students to achieve their potential.

The SHINE Afterschool Program is administered by Lehigh Carbon Community College and is funded in full or in part with a grant from the Pennsylvania Department of Education.

SHINE in local communities

The SHINE Afterschool Program model recognizes that no single program can meet every need of all students. To ensure students have access to the services and tools they need to succeed, SHINE works with number of community partners.

The SHINE staff and leadership maintains close relationships with the administration and teachers at the school and district levels. Center teachers work with day school teachers to ensure lessons and assignments correspond with SHINE programming as well as addressing issues such as truancy or behavioral problems.

SHINE works with local schools to institute early warning and prevention strategies that increase educational attainment and decrease the likelihood of a student dropping out of school.

Quality afterschool programs make a difference not only in a child’s life in their academic excellence, but it also makes a difference in the private sector partnerships … STEM is really about pushing students to the full limit of their potential.

Senator John yudichak

SHINE delivers results

Both SHINE teachers and daytime teachers see the results of the SHINE Afterschool Program every day. Teachers see improvements in their grades, behavior and self-confidence.

SHINE also maintains extensive data that demonstrate the effectiveness of the SHINE program. More than 20 sources of data are used to measure the effectiveness of the SHINE afterschool program and are made available in our Trend Reports. Some of the findings demonstrate:

  • Over its history, 98% of SHINE students were promoted to the next grade level
  • 90% of students improved reading fluency and 81% improved in reading comprehension
  • 80% of students achieved a grade of “B” or better in science
  • 77% of students achieved a grade of “B” or better in reading
  • 76% of students achieved a grade of “B” or better in math

To read the full SHINE Afterschool Trend Data Report 2019, download the file below.

“My son has improved so much – he is doing so well with using his learned skills at home. The SHINE Program has helped him a LOT!”

Parent of palmerton 2nd grader